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The House of Baden – a dynasty since 1112, a major name in German viticulture, an incredible ancestral gallery of courageous men and wise women. We’ve now had the privilege of opening the archives and delving deep into a world very different from ours. And what did we find? Depth, energy, and attention to detail. A time when so much was still to be tried out and discovered, thought about and ventured into. Whether it was culture, politics, philosophy or viticulture. And what made us take such a close look at it in the first place? We won the pitch for the entire relaunch of the Markgraf von Baden wine brand! From equipment through to all the communication on a wide variety of channels, everything must be redesigned spectacularly and with sensitivity. And not only that! A completely new line is also being launched – one so exciting and ‘now’ that it is destined to be great. And we say that with more than 18 years of wine branding and marketing under our belt! Our clients are Rotkäppchen-Mumm from Eltville and the House of Baden. The new look will celebrate its premiere at ProWein 2019 in March. A warm welcome!